Visiting the Reindeer

A Child's Christmas in Wales (sorry DT!) may change on the surface as the decades go by but the activities don't. My first task of the Christmas season? Stand on the raised garden path of Margam Park country house in the freezing cold and get soaking wet. All for a good cause though as the [...]


The James Plays

Alongside my long weekend at the Expo and a very busy day job I slotted in all three of The James Plays in October. Offerings by National Theatre Scotland and the Edinburgh International Festival at the National Theatre and written by Rona Munro. James I: The Key Will Keep the Lock James II: Day of the Innocents James III: The True Mirror All three [...]

MCM Comic Con London 2014

And breath! Phew, it's been a crazy two weeks and a whirlwind of activity. So apologies for the silence! Seeing as it's only fair I figured I would share my activities - it's all clean I promise. First up has to be the brilliance of MCM's London Expo last weekend, for the costumes alone. if [...]

Literary Influences

Facebook posts will forever make their rounds and we'll all get tagged at some point. And as it was I was tagged in one to name the 10 books that have influenced the most or are that important to me. For a long time I have evaded that question, always with the answer 'oh I [...]

London Fashion Weekend

If I had a bucket list then I've certainly ticked one thing off it, well almost! An early finish at work and out came my best heels, to totter off to Somerset House for the afternoon. The years I have been in London, as student and a professional I've walked passed the gates of Somerset [...]

Lucy review; kitsch, funny and completely absurd.

It's not often I make random decisions to see a film but I went along and saw Luc Besson's Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. Curious about the idea behind the film I was willing to be entertained. The main premise of Lucy is that humans are only capable of using 10% of our brain and as well as [...]

Absorbing pure fantasy

A curious one as my first blog post but storytellers are storytellers and none more so immense than these two.   Tuesday saw me sat in the Freemason's Hall in London awaiting #GeorgeandRobin in conversation (HC's #). After missing LonCon3 over the weekend and so many others in the run up this summer, I was [...]