Epic encounters

A nation’s dream and a team of Dragons

I have no words for the incredible, awesome, epic, miraculous sight that just happened. None. I am sat in the kitchen slightly disbelieving that Wales won against England in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, hosted by the English!! In Twickenham…

Hell boys, amazing doesn’t even cover it! I am honestly envious of those in Twickenham right now, but none more so of everyone back home, sat together and probably screaming at the top of their lungs. In joy, passion and in the belief that sometimes actually, we can pull it out of the bag. It really doesn’t matter what happens to the team, injuries, losses – they know how to keep it going.

Such a game as it was, you absolutely have to give credit to the English players. A game full of ratcheted tension, powerful maneuvers and no let up from any angle. This was a game to make a difference and that difference was fought for in every way.

I had planned to post a poem on something a little less about the game itself and more people and places but frankly that feat calls for something else. After all rugby is a pitched battle of wills and physical strength.



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