2014: crazy, difficult, but still worth a few ramblings

I have lost count how many times I have started this blog post, wondering what to write about for Christmas or just this time of year, not that technology has helped one bit, crashing on me and deleting it twice... So, a few ramblings about a crazy, difficult year that still had incredible moments I could [...]


MCM Comic Con London 2014

And breath! Phew, it's been a crazy two weeks and a whirlwind of activity. So apologies for the silence! Seeing as it's only fair I figured I would share my activities - it's all clean I promise. First up has to be the brilliance of MCM's London Expo last weekend, for the costumes alone. if [...]

Absorbing pure fantasy

A curious one as my first blog post but storytellers are storytellers and none more so immense than these two.   Tuesday saw me sat in the Freemason's Hall in London awaiting #GeorgeandRobin in conversation (HC's #). After missing LonCon3 over the weekend and so many others in the run up this summer, I was [...]