Marmalade Sandwiches. Please look after this bear…

Mmmm? Hmmm? Mhmm? Oh, sorry! You just caught me snacking on a marmalade sandwich there. It doesn't happen very often now see, as I've grown up. Too old for marmalade sandwiches? Never! It's 2014/15, Paddington is all new, shiny CGI and more a bear cub than a teddy bear. Not that I minded. Most might relate better to [...]


The James Plays

Alongside my long weekend at the Expo and a very busy day job I slotted in all three of The James Plays in October. Offerings by National Theatre Scotland and the Edinburgh International Festival at the National Theatre and written by Rona Munro. James I: The Key Will Keep the Lock James II: Day of the Innocents James III: The True Mirror All three [...]

MCM Comic Con London 2014

And breath! Phew, it's been a crazy two weeks and a whirlwind of activity. So apologies for the silence! Seeing as it's only fair I figured I would share my activities - it's all clean I promise. First up has to be the brilliance of MCM's London Expo last weekend, for the costumes alone. if [...]