MCM Comic Con London 2014

And breath! Phew, it’s been a crazy two weeks and a whirlwind of activity. So apologies for the silence! Seeing as it’s only fair I figured I would share my activities – it’s all clean I promise.

First up has to be the brilliance of MCM’s London Expo last weekend, for the costumes alone. if nothing else. For me, conventions are always a weekend of abandoning all adult conventions and indulging in everything I enjoy (including far too much American candy). This time around (this would convention three) I was rather resoundingly introduced to the hilariousness that is Rooster Teeth and their online comedy/video series: take a friend who is an even greater geek than I am and two things occur – bags of laughter and an inability to keep up with a multitude of gaming references. Books; silly question! Films & TV; of course! Video games? Not a clue. Not even a morsel.

Really this weekend can only be told in pictures, lots of pictures. So here you go….

IMG_0896 IMG_0888






IMG_0869 IMG_0868


IMG_0865 IMG_0864 IMG_0861 IMG_0860                       IMG_0859


Honest question, can I just HAVE this poster?! It was huge….

My introduction to Rooster Teeth via Q&A and to their clips of their RedvBlue show (and I normally hate Halo). Thank you kindly Tom S!


IMG_0837IMG_0830IMG_0835IMG_0829    IMG_0826

Seriously Darth Vader, quit staring. It’s creepy! That Storm Trooper looks like he’s planning something as well…IMG_0825


That’s the end of the decent pictures I took and thank you everyone who dresses up and has the patience to stand there and wait for randoms (aka me) to take pictures.  I will get around to dressing up one day! I need to borrow my mothers sewing machine or actually purchase my own…..


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