A Match day out

There are times when hanging out with friends, sharing a mutual pastime, brings about the funniest conversations. None more so than my love of watching rugby with my friends. It’s always a day out, a few drinks, some lunch then settle in the pub for the rest of the afternoon. The atmosphere across the streets is an extension of the atmosphere in the stadium.

The one thing I will always carry with me is that this isn’t a sport just about the winning – it is about playing as well as teams can and the supporters behind them being proud no matter what. About a camaraderie with the opposition, even making friends and having an amazing time and proving people wrong.

In a United Kingdom where England are hosting the World Cup – England being knocked out at the pool stages didn’t mean everyone has to go home. It meant getting together, behind the remaining British hope in a sport dominated by another hemisphere. Yes we have our differences, but isn’t that half the fun and banter?

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A snapshot of one of those moments, when as friends, we ended up having to agree to disagree over which players we preferred and even if we’d win. I can’t even remember where we were, who Wales were playing or even when. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and opinions change – we were young, influenced by those around us, didn’t know any different and made for what are now some ridiculous, hilarious conversations.

If anyone’s wondering about the references to Mynyddawg and Catraeth, look up the poem The Gododdin. A piece of crazy, celtic, absolutely brilliant sixth century history.


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