First term of uni I was a fish out of water. I'd made the biggest decision of my life to that point and shocked everyone. So off I went, a small town Welsh girl in the middle of London. I barely knew who I was. It took the few constants I could take with me; my love of [...]


The James Plays

Alongside my long weekend at the Expo and a very busy day job I slotted in all three of The James Plays in October. Offerings by National Theatre Scotland and the Edinburgh International Festival at the National Theatre and written by Rona Munro. James I: The Key Will Keep the Lock James II: Day of the Innocents James III: The True Mirror All three [...]

London Fashion Weekend

If I had a bucket list then I've certainly ticked one thing off it, well almost! An early finish at work and out came my best heels, to totter off to Somerset House for the afternoon. The years I have been in London, as student and a professional I've walked passed the gates of Somerset [...]