About me

I’ve always tried to write. To be a theatre geek, and I’ll be as corny as you like about weaving words. Only, I love telling stories; to read them aloud or just keep their intricate worlds to myself.

The last few years I have found myself growing out of one blog, falling into silence and finally morphing onto here. From theatre experiences I wouldn’t change for the world to being a Welsh girl in London with a penchant for escaping reality. My old blog is full of theatre reviews as I learnt more and more about the creative and written world.

The idea for this blog came when life turned a corner, completely flabbergasted by the ridiculousness of it all and ending up eye-rolling. I give up, I close that door and enough is enough. Life is about passion, reaching for the impossible, and staying true to yourself. Seeing the beauty in the small things; in people and in places, even when you are wading though mud in the dark. I have been reminded of so may reasons like these in recent months, giving me a reason to start sharing and telling tales again. When I can that is! Life has a habit of sticking its foot out and tripping me up.

For those wondering, I promise I haven’t spelt story wrong. I’ve had my fluency of the Welsh language coined as ‘the fluency of a five year old’ and I’d agree – my Welsh vocab is atrocious – but my love and affinity for my home, its language, heritage and people, will always walk beside me.

Stori / Story          Storïwr / Storyteller

and finally?

Croeso, Welcome


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